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Finding Roof Leaks with an Auburn Roofing Contractor

Have you found watermarks on your ceiling? Unless there is a problem with your heating pump or other HVAC equipment, it probably means you have a major roofing problem" says an Auburn Roofing Contractor. However, unless you are replacing the entire roof, it can be hard to find the leak. Water rarely drops straight downwards as you may think. It usually finds studs and beams and follows them down into the home's interior. Thus, the source of the leak cannot be determined just by looking at water dripping from that location on the ceiling.

You may never notice small leaks because the water runs over such a long portion of your internal structure that it gets absorbed before it cracks any paint or causes other blatant damage. Water in the attic can cause serious problems that an Auburn roofer knows a lot about. Moist areas always have problems with mold, but in the attic, water can start to degrade your insulation.

When trying to find a leak, anexperienced Auburn roofing contractor will inspect the roof drains in the area, especially in flat roofs because clogged drains can lead to standing water. The roof is not made to work underwater. It is designed to drain water off as quickly as possible while keeping the interior dry.

Weak spots are the most common leak sources. Often these weak spots are called penetrations and are added after the roof was installed and were not sealed properly. All roof penetrations need special attention because they are weak points in the roof.

The next place to look is the attic or crawlspace. This will get you closer to the source of the leak before water starts running everywhere. Sometimes problems with ductwork or plumbing cause leaks that you think are roof leaks. Exposed nails can rust and cause holes for water to leak in on steep roofs, and accumulated debris can also cause water damage.

Think back if any s were working on the roof around the time it last held up. HVAC contractors, electricians and the like might have added equipment or damaged something in the ceiling. Dropped tools are a leading cause of roof damage. "The thin inner roofing material is not made to handle a heavy roofing hammer", says an Auburn Roofer. In those cramped spaces, it is easy to pull flashings loose and cause other roof damage.

If you are uncertain about any of this don't be afraid to reach out to Cougar Construction & Roofing and we'll get you all fixed up!

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December 25, 2018
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