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4 Reasons to Repair a Roof Leak

Most people can agree that home maintenance is not the most exhilarating way to fix up your home but it should not be ignored. A roof that is leaking is a perfect example of a problem that should be inspected immediately by a Lakewood Roofing Contractor. Even a small leak can create thousands of dollars in unwanted and often preventable repairs.

Water can travel great distances from its original point of entry on your roof and cause damage is along the way. If you notice any signs that you have a roof leak such as stains on your ceiling you should get in contact with a Lakewood Roofer ASAP and here's why:

  • Mold Formation- Wood rots quickly when it comesin repeat contact with water, and rotting wood promotes mold and fungus growth. This can eventually get into your HVAC system leading to respiratory issues and increased asthma attacks.

  • Fire Danger- Believe it or not, if water gets into the electrical wiring of your home it can result in a fire. Calling a Lakewood Roofer at the first sign of a leak will help prevent moisture from getting into your electrical work.

  • Energy Loss- Your energy bill is most definitely going to be increased by a leaking roof. Insulation that comes into contact with moisture can quickly become damaged, producing heat loss in the winter and cold air loss in the summer, and will surely increase your energy bill.

  • Costly Repairs- A leaky roof let's water into the drywall and framework of your home, failure to correct it ASAP is only going to increase your damage expenses. You can avoid thousands of dollars in repair damages to the interior of your home by simplyhaving your roof inspected, and patching any leaks you may have.

if your roof is leaking or you're unsure whether it is or not, the friendly professionals at Cougar Construction and Roofing are here to help you! Call us today at 253-537-7663 or fill out our online contact form.

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December 10, 2018
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